The Hammer Buck, 23 points with a score of 254 1/8.        Photo by Beth Schnelinger.

The Hammer Buck, 23 points with a score of 254 1/8.        Photo by Beth Schnelinger.

How it started.

The Antler Action Remote Rattle was designed by avid deer hunter Mark Hammer.

Like a lot of hunters Mark struggled for years with handheld rattles but the same problems always haunted him; hard to carry, hard to stow, and the sound was not in the right place.

Finally Mark started building his own rattles that he mounted near the ground and controlled by pulling a string. They worked great, and with the encouragement of friends and family Mark set out to produce a marketable version of his remote rattles.

The result of his hard work is the Antler Action Remote Rattle.


In November of 2014 Mark took the deer of a lifetime. The massive 23 pointer scored a Boone and Crockett Club rating of 254 1/8 and was the North America record for non-typical whitetail of the season. Bowhunter magazine featured Mark and his buck on the cover of the October 2015 issue with the complete story inside. North American Whitetail magazine has a feature story on page 58 of its November 2015 issue. The December 2015 issue of Rack magazine sports Mark on the cover with a full story inside.


Mark's buck has been expertly mounted by Game Master Taxidermy and will be on display at many venues this year starting with the ATA Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

You can also see this beauty in person at the Antler Action booths at the 2016 Deer and Turkey Expos in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

If you would like you can to listen to Mark's story about his hunt at Big Buck, episode 125.

The Hammer Buck antlers have been reproduced by Klaus Lebrecht of and are available for purchase from their website.