At Antler Action Products we are continually designing new ways to help hunters with innovative products that solve problems and get results.

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New for this year we are having a camo design applied to the Antler Action Remote Rattle. The rattle still makes the same great sound with none of the hassles of traditional rattles but now blends into the environment or your camo gear.


Antler Action Pivot Straps provide a tree friendly and easy method of routing control lines from a Remote Rattle or Bleat Bag back to the hunter's location.

The Pivot Straps are used to change the direction of a control line allowing the control line to be ran safely up and back to the tree stand or ground blind.

They are very easy to use; simply secure the Pivot Strap approximately seven foot off of the ground with the plastic pivot clip above the call. Now pull the retainer pin out and feed the control line between the two fingers of the clip, then re-install the pin. The control line can now be routed in any direction without binding.

If you are hunting out of a ground blind it may be necessary to use two Pivot Straps, one above the rattle or call, and one on a tree near your blind. This will allow you to keep the control line at a safe height off of the ground to prevent any chance of accidental entanglement.